My brother in Midland, the avid outdoorsman, often shares his tales of adventure with me, which I appreciate. Now that he's retired, he and his pals make it their mission to navigate the wilds of Michigan and beyond, taking on nature to harvest dinner and share it. With me. Which I really appreciate.

Last week he mentioned that when he and the crew showed up to fish the Saginaw Bay, they saw the US Coast Guard "and cavalry" leaving the boat launch on the Saginaw River in Bangor Township.

WNEM TV 5 reports that four guys were rescued by another fisherman after their boat took on water around 7:30 AM, Wednesday March 28th, about 30 yards from the river bank.

The guys were cold and wet, but lived to fish another day, with a pretty good story.

Oh, and my brother shared his haul from that day, using 'Husky Jerks' in 18-20' water, slow-trolling.

March Saginaw Bay


And the perch below were captured by another friend of his a week ago Monday. Location not disclosed. On purpose.


Perch from Mystery Spot March 2018



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