A few months ago, I go an email form a young lady by the name of Tracy, asking if I would be interested in speaking with founding member and drummer of the iconic Detroit band, Frijid Pink? Without hesitation, I said "YES!" Not much longer after, I got a call from Rick Stevers. We had a brief conversation and he said that he was "putting the band back together" so-to-speak.

Courtesy Rick Stevers

In my infinite geekdom, I clung to every word of the conversation as he explained that they were going to be playing an event in honor of the old Grande Ballroom with other rock and roll greats that had graced the stage of the hallowed hall years prior.

Now, the re-formed Fijid Pink, has released a new four song EP with a remake of their classic version of "House of the Rising Sun!" Titled "A Taste if Pink" you can pick it up now at their website FrijidPink.com.

In the coming weeks, I look forward to catching up with Stevers and get the whole story about the band and the fifty years of Frijid Pink. We'll also talk about how it was Led Zeppelin, that actually opened for them!