Although I'm not sure for how many years this event has taken place, I do know that there is a fierce competition among the Lansing media types! And to settle all bragging rights, we turn to the Ingham County Sheriff's Office for the answer. Local radio, television and newspaper personalities take their turns shooting targets with department issue Sig Sauer .40 cal handguns.

A great times with my friends from the Ingham County Sheriff's Department!

My personal best was a three year consecutive run of wins with different partners. Last year saw 99.1 WFMK's Danny Stewart and me paired up in the simulated "shoot or don't shoot" situations. Although we didn't make any fatal mistakes, we probably lost on the grounds that we both emptied our magazines on the virtual perpetrators.

"Usfie" with my buddy David Andrews!

After all was said and done, I finished with 97/100 with 3 X's. A tie with good friend and WITL's afternoon guy, Chris Tyler. Long time friend Danny Stewart was the big gun with a smokin' 100/100 and 6 X's! Second found my pal WILX NEWS 10's David Andrews with a strong second.

Sheriff Scott Wrigglesworth with the winner, Danny Stewart

Many thanks to our new Sheriff Scott Wrigglesworth and the amazing men and women of the Ingham Country Sheriff's Department for a fun and most of all safe, shootout!

WITL's Chris Tyler (center)