Once again, a garage sale find has brought back lots of memories. Many of them of loved ones or just a one time stop.

As I often do, I was running around town to look for treasures to flip. A hobby I have had since I was old enough to realize that certain things had memories or a value that most do not see. "Picking" as it is also called has been in my blood since I was a little kid. My first flip came when I pulled an old porcelain telephone sign off of a pole in a junk pile. I quickly sold it at my parents rummage sale and made a fast five bucks! From then on, I've been hooked on vintage items of all kinds. Mainly advertising pieces and sporting collectibles, I still buy and sell lots of other items.

Last weekend found me loading up on seven stools that used to be in the old Woolworth lunch counter in Frandor. The provenance and story coming from the older gentleman that I bought them from. The same chairs that as a kid I sat in and had an occasional Cherry Coke with my mom while shopping. Having posted the photo on a Facebook page, they have become celebrities in their own right. People sharing memories of the times that sat on them. As adults or children, it's nice to own a piece of Lansing history that holds as many memories as it has backsides!

Very soon the time will come that they move on to their next, maybe permanent home.

To see more of the stuff that I love to collect and sell, check out my page at www.facebook.com/MIPICKANDFLIP 


Stools from the Woolworth Diner in Frandor have been found!
Stools from the Woolworth Diner in Frandor have been found!



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