I had a pretty awesome weekend. After another week of many changes, I didn't let all the changes impact me, well, my wife didn't. She made sure we had an awesome weekend.

Saturday, she went to her parents and grabbed this bumblebee costume. For the last 2 years, we have taken our daughter out for fall pics in the cute outfit but we were sure this year she outgrew it. She has been growing like a weed. Her grandpa asked us to give it a shot and cut her out of it if it was too tight.

It was pretty tight. NO WAY she will fit into this thing next year. She pulled it off like she always does and continues to make us proud.

Sunflowers and Bumblebees

She proudly pulled a pumpkin out of her garden. She planted that earlier this year with me. I almost killed the pumpkins at one point but they came back like Spartans.

She has THRIVED from having both of us at home. It has been a challenge but easily the most rewarding part of our whole stay home adventure. We started our home preschool a few weeks ago. When it's time to learn, she goes and sits at her little desk. We have covered "Brown Bear, Brown Bear", last week it was "5 Little Monkeys" and this week it's "The Very Busy Spider."

Making memories and making the most of the gift of time I have been given with her.

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