My daughter has a frog that lives in her little playhouse. She loves that frog. We had a chat with my in-laws about all the frogs around here and how you can really hear them sing at night. We have hundreds of them.

Yesterday, we were playing outside and I decided to go check the crops. In the last update of Gardening with Nugget, I accidentally sprayed my pumpkins with Round Up killing almost all of them. I killed the snap peas, the beets, the lettuce and the radishes. Plus, the 40 pumpkins. I didn't spray the cucumbers and forgot about them.  They did have a funny leaf discoloration so I decided not to consume them but found a few that actually grew. One had a baby cucumber still attached. It's like it died holding it's baby! There were a few other stragglers but this was the cucumber grand champion of my garden this year!

Gardening with Nugget: Cukes

I showed my daughter and she loved it. Then, we went inside to get ready for bed. When I walked back outside, her frog came over to see what the fuss was all about.

She actually LOVES cucumbers and we were growing them for her. At the time, I thought maybe we would need this food down the road in the pandemic.... It's a very good thing our lives didn't depend on that.

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