Thursday in Jackson at the Pickle Barrel Deli on 156 W. Michigan Ave, you can get coffee with a cop. There, you ask all you burning law related questions with the officers. The fun starts a 9am and officers from 3 law enforcement agencies will be on hand to have a cup of joe and answer your cop questions.

My first question is: What is the law on cars pulled over? Friday, I was driving home and ran into a traffic jam. I thought there was an accident up ahead. When I got far enough up, I saw a car on the passing lane side pulled over and an officer helping the female with her tire. For about 2 miles traffic was backed up due to the pull over. I am operating with the notion you pull into the next lane if you can. If you can't get into the other lane, you need to slow your speed 10 mph and give as much room as you can. I would LOVE to hear this out of the officers mouth and know what they are thinking when this happens.

Being an officer is a dangerous job and police have taken a lot of heat this year because of incidents in other states. How many police videos have you seen this year with the police dodging out of control cars in Michigan alone. I have seen 3 just this year.

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