I know, it's Michigan and it snows here...

We have been fortunate to see a very mild winter so far. It was really odd this weekend, it was freezing with no snow. Then, the wind changed directions and the snow began to fall and it actually warmed up a bit.

We saw a few inches this weekend and it appears more is on the way tonight and tomorrow. There is a winter weather advisory in effect until tomorrow at 4pm. 2 inches are expected tonight and 2 more tomorrow. Some areas could see 6 inches fall tonight into tomorrow. You can click here to see I am not talking smack.

If you are commuting to work it could be a bit dicey but this is Michigan. We have the finest snow trucks and ice melting salts available. In other states when they experience a bit of snowfall, they turn into a bunch of idiots and can't handle mother nature. In Michigan, you only have to really worry on the bridges and overpasses. The heavy winds have blown more than one unprepared driver off the road.

The most important things you can do are: CLEAN YOUR CAR OFF AND TURN ON YOUR LIGHTS! It's hard to see cars and trucks in the snow sometimes, especially when they are white.

4 inches isn't hardly enough to build an igloo but it is enough to ruin your day if you aren't prepared. Stay safe.

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