We NEVER expected to have a kid. I was firing shots at the goalie for 21 years before I finally got the puck past. When our daughter was born in November with Down Syndrome and us being in our 40's, we began to be concerned with who would look out for her in a future we may be in. Plus, it was a very rough pregnancy for my wife. Add postpartum depression and we are going through something I would rather not go through again.

They say because my wife finally kicked out a kid, she is very fertile. So, instead of her going through the process, it's easier for me to do it... According to my sources.

I have talked to my friends for weeks about it. One said he did it during the NCAA tournament and had a few painful days of sitting on frozen peas but it wasn't so bad.

Another said "the worst part was, they told you not to shave. Then a little foreign lady comes out with the driest and dullest razor in the world to shave you. That was the most painful part for me."

My brother said he had some painful complications but honestly, he has never been one to listen to a doctor. All the people who said "listen to the doctor" had the best experiences.

I tried to schedule it for March but they were booked. I tried another month but there was another reschedule. This is my third strike. My last run.

The other day I saw a friend in the store shopping. As she looked into my cart and saw only Boost and condoms, I thought "maybe it's time to sack up and actually do this thing."

I posted it to Facebook and I couldn't believe the response. Thanks everyone for the thoughts.

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