Our buddy Darrell Wiles celebrated his 55th birthday last week. Darrell comes out and supports us all the time! Last year, he and his son Josh joined our golf league. Josh goes to MSU and is in the band. He and I have become good friends too. They have the type of father-son relationship all dads should have with their kids.

Last night, my golf partner Pat and I were playing them in competition. We are in first place. They are in second place. It was a showdown! To try and psych us out, they wore matching Nike Bumble bee outfits they "got on sale." They were very hard to look at but we had a great laugh. Darrell ended up beating Pat and so did I.

I was dominating Josh all the way up until the 17th hole when he drove about a 300 yarder and nabbed par, while I made bogey. Then, on 18 he drained a 20 foot birdie to tie our scores at 42. I had a 5 stroke handicap advantage... So, I murdered him! I wonder if they will be wearing them again the next time we play? I called them the Killer Bee's but Peter Clay dubbed them "Blind Melon."

Killer Bees

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