I have been trying to get down to Springport since February to check out Chubby's Cafe. Mainly because Deanna Rogers is such a big fan of my daughter and I want them to meet. For one reason or another, it hasn't happened yet. Mainly because I do 4 playgroups a week with my daughter just so she sleeps:)

Chubby's Cafe is one of my favorite restaurants to follow on social media. They always have funny posts. They use social media like every restaurant should... To give the place personality.

People love the place. Just checking out some of the reviews...

Some say:

Cheap eats, large portions and a cozy atmosphere.

Another review:

My 2nd time having Chubby's & the food was just as awesome as the first time! My youngest says "the pizza is better then Hungry Howie's or Pizza Hut, hands down!!"

The next time I am in Springport, I will be stopping in to Chubby's to get me a Chubby burger.

122 E Main St (20.11 mi)
Springport, Michigan 49284
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(517) 857-3544

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