Sometimes you just give without worrying about what if.

Last night, the wife sent me out for Easter Bunnies. She went out shopping the day before for a bunch of stuff. Little games, boxes and activities for kids to do. But she still needed 2 bunnies to finish off the baskets. "Don't get the cheap stuff!" She said.

So, I got some Russell Stover Bunnies, they were on sale 2 for 7 bucks at Meijer. Just buying those bunnies and thinking about the kid who might get them made me feel good. I Thought about the great Easter's I had as a kid and how fortunate we were to have the good chocolate...

Tomorrow at the 7-11 in Okemos on Jolly and Okemos rd, they are collecting Easter baskets between noon and 2pm. 2 Superheroes will be on hand to accept donations and the Launch Trampoline Park Mascot JOEY will be there as well.

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