I started the Good People articles in February based on this Facebook post.

Saturday was my birthday and I lost my wallet with 240 bucks and a pile of plastic. Somehow, it found it's way back to me, thanks to Zehnder's in Frankenmuth. Click here if you missed that story. I think it goes back to something someone smarter than me said: "If you put good out there... The good will come back to you."

The Leslie Lanes Bowling Center has been putting good out there. They were recommended by Tina Marie Minix  who said:

Leslie lanes bowling center in Leslie Michigan, the best 8 lane center for family friendly parties, birthday, office, Christmas, retirement, school reunion and whatever you can think of. The owner had been working hard to make this the best place for enjoying family recreation. Between working a full time job, doing a whole summer of Radiation treatments for prostate cancer and working the family farm he still strives to make the lanes the best they can be. Thanks Joey Pants

Leslie Lanes Bowling Center. Click here to see their Facebook page. 

The reviews were all glowing. I know it's not bowling season but there will be some rainy days ahead and indoor parties to plan. So, please keep these good people in mind.

208 North Main St (13.57 mi)
Leslie, Michigan 49251
Highlights info row image
(517) 589-9303

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