All I REALLY wanted for my birthday was to wake up with my family. Then, have a nice dinner with my wife and finish it off with a HUGE Zehnder's Donut.

We had planned to go to Zehnder's in Frankenmuth for my birthday dinner at 4pm. Getting old is awesome. When we got there, I wanted to run right downstairs to the bakery to secure me a huge donut but my wife said we should get seated first.

Rachel was our server and took our drink order and our all you-can-eat chicken order. Then, I ran downstairs to the bakery. I saw one of my desired donuts and jumped in front of someone to get them, I was so excited I grabbed 2.

I paid for the donuts and went back to the table. As we were eating our dinner, a manager came over to tell us our server, Rachel had fallen and may be leaving. A short time later, she returned with torn leggings and she was a bit frazzled. She said she wanted to go home but really needed the money. She brought us our food, more food then the bill. My wife paid and tipped her 20 bucks.

After we picked up my daughter from my sisters, we went home where I discovered... My wallet was gone. When I figured it out, I almost threw up my chicken dinner. It had 240 bucks cash and all my plastic and debit cards. I told my wife. She helped me look, then called Zehnder's.

She talked to guest services who asked he what the wallet said on it... (See the movie Pulp Fiction)

"Yes, we have the wallet." We are closing now but open tomorrow at 9am and you can come and get it then."

So, my mom and dad came over for cake. Even after finding it, I was still pretty sick to my stomach. I barely had any cake.

The next day, my mom took the kid to church so she didn't have to ride in a car for 2 hours. We got to Zehnder's and the guest services representative was so nice. She jokingly asked for my license. It was in the wallet but my wife had an older one just in case. I asked her, "who turned it in?" She was unaware.

I believe, after I bought the donuts I either left it on the table or it fell out of my shorts back pocket. I think it was the latter. Then, my server who really needed the money and was having a terrible night found it and turned it in.

I KNOW there are cameras everywhere there but to have lost my wallet on my birthday and to have everything intact... I am a very lucky dude.

So, wow. Thanks Zehnder's. Thanks Rachel and Thanks anyone else who helped save my birthday.

I lost one wallet before and still am pissed about it. I'll be much safer in the future.

On the way home we stopped at Tony's in Birch Run for some bacon and made another memory, I remembered my wallet this time.

Thank everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday... It really had a happy ending.

Below is picture of my belly after that dinner... And the Nugget.


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