A few weeks ago, we had a miracle worker Amy Buchler come over and work with my daughter. Amy went to school with me and overlooked my jackassery to show me some tips for teaching my daughter. My daughter has Down Syndrome and Amy works with these kids for a living. It was pretty eye opening and I wondered what else I could learn about being a dad.

Deanna Kruger told me about her sons blog, it's called The Dad Blog. Deanna said  "#thedadcrew is my sons blog all about dads loving their children. I love that he loves being a dad and wants to talk with other dads."

Some of the reviews:

great stuff! good information.


If you're looking for a helpful + fun resource as a Dad you've found the right place! As a Mom it's fun to read a Dad's perspective + stay in touch with this great group of people. 


A great Dad trying to share his experiences with other inexperienced Dads. Check it out and learn, be inspired, and share your own stories, successes, and whiffs...
I want to learn all I can and be the best dad possible. Here you can learn from success and failure. I hope it helps


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