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31 year old Robert Toth was arrested in Grand Ledge yesterday afternoon following a 5 hour standoff with police near the intersection of Clinton and Orchard Streets. That ordeal began around 10:00 AM. Toth reportedly surrendered without incident, unlike Monday morning’s incident in Ovid when Lansing Township police attempted to haul in Toth on an outstanding felony warrant around 3:00 AM. Police got one cuff on him and he was Tased; however, during a tussle with the officer, the officer was also Tased and assaulted before Toth ran off with one cuff still attached to his wrist…and the officer’s Taser.

Sounds like Toth made his way to Grand Ledge after the Ovid incident. It appears that police received a tip that he was holed up there and when they started closing in, Toth reportedly dove out of a window of the house and hid out in a box truck – WILX TV 10 reports that he told police he had a gun and was prepared to use it.

The standoff lasted five hours before he gave it up and was arrested without incident.





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