I was really spoiled this last week. Wherever I went in Michigan, I was able to use Mrs. Pants' Bluetooth to stream the WMMQ app. So, no matter where I went, I had a soundtrack that wasn't limited by the radio station signal strength.

When I got home, I HAD to have the same option in my vehicle.

So, I bought a cheap stereo from Walmart, the attachment cable and the mounting unit. What I didn't get was the Ford stereo removal tool. I went to ask my buddy Steve Hanna at Grampy's Auto Parts in Fowlerville if he had any for sale. He was out of stock but let me borrow his. This is the second time this man has loaned me a tool he could have sold me. It's the third time he has helped me with something I couldn't figure out. Click here to see the first and second. Thanks Steve!

I went home and figured out this thing I have never even attempted. At first try, the stereo worked but was a bit loose. After my wife accused me avoiding her, she told me to read the instructions...I got her locked in and streaming.

I KNOW she was expecting me to fail—IT WAS A GREAT MOMENT FOR MAN.

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