I put together the promo for Michigan State vs Notre Dame this weekend. The more I watched the more excited I got. I know I shouldn't live in the past but there have been some pretty amazing ending in this rivalry. Notre Dame OWNS MSU 48-28-1.

The Megaphone Trophy is on the line! Click here if you don't know wtf that is. It's the trophy the winning team gets for winning. Notre Dame has held the Megaphone Trophy since 2011. Here is the miraculous ending to that game. This is Coach Dantonio's only victory over Brian Kelly, who is 3-1 against Coach D.

We are live at Harper's in East Lansing starting at 4pm. Notre Dame has a receiver named Equanimeous St. Brown. He has all the vowels in his name. He is 6'5 and likely will go up against Michigan State corner Darian Hicks, who is 5' 10. If he has more catches than vowels in his first name, it's going to be a long night for MSU.