The groundhog in Wisconsin has just about enough of this bulls--t! Sick and tired of being dragged out of his warm slumber into the ridiculous cold of February just to tell the onlooking humans if more winter is coming. If I look at the calender, I see the same thing. 6 more weeks of winter.

Jimmy is the woodchuck they use in Wisconsin. When, the mayor put his ear close to Jimmy, so Jimmy could tell him if more winter was on the way, Jimmy bit the mayor's ear. Click here to see the full story.

This tradition seems silly but are a lot of fun to attend and bring in revenue to the cities. I can't believe Lansing doesn't have something similar. It's not like people ever hold the critters accountable. The mayor says Jimmy predicted an early spring but Jimmy's owners say he heard Jimmy wrong. We are talking about a woodchuck here people.

The city later issued a statement saying only the mayor can translate Jimmy's prediction.

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