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We celebrate another Rock 'n' Roll birthday tonight. Guitarist Mike Campbell turned 65 Sunday. Most notably, Campbell is the lead guitarist for The Heartbreakers, though his musical touch has been lent to many artists and genres throughout the years. Of course, he's known as Tom Petty's right-hand man, writing and performing most of Petty and The Heartbreakers' compositions, even the solo LP's of Petty. Campbell also lent his production, songwriting, and session playing skills to The Traveling Wilburys projects. Campbell has written and performed with the likes of Henley, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Bob Seger, Stevie Nicks, The Wallflowers, and countless others.

Ultimate Classic Rock's Top 10 Mike Campbell songs

Tonight, we hear three of Mike Campbell's masterpieces, including Don Henley's Boys of Summer, written and performed by Campbell. Then, we'll dive into some live stuff from The Heartbreakers tours..."It's Good To Be King" and "Refugee". It's tonight's Six O'Clock Triple Shot on 94.9 WMMQ!