Yesterday, my dad and I attended the State Semi Finals in Boys High School Basketball for the 17th year. I had to miss last year because of the newborn. This year, the Breslin Center looked a lot different.

First, the metal detectors as you walk in. Nice security measure. Then, there is much less clutter on the concourse. Each food vendor sells different items. It used to be universal at all concession stands. Now, one sells BBQ. One sells Grill Items. Get ready for a walk if you are looking for a brat. I went in a complete circle.

Then, the Tom Izzo Hall of History. What a tribute to all the basketball players at MSU, men and women. The Men in Black tribute to Tommy Lee Jones is awesome! Actually, the wax statue is pretty strange. It seems like a dead guy that doesn't look much like Izzo but I bet a lot of people get their picture taken there.

Jimmy Pants

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