Photo D Hart


This is the chainsaw I WON'T be trying to use for the first time EVER without supervision.  My Honey wasn't able to locate his saw the first time he looked for it, but he made a much more diligent effort when he heard that I was pondering whether or not to go rent a saw and start hacking up the tree limbs from the December ice storm.

Moments before heading for the airport yesterday, he gave me a quick tutorial, which included several steps, which I pretty much stopped hearing after I got fixated on all the stickers attached to the saw, telling you what to do and NOT do and what angles and then he was telling me to make sure I don't have the blade engaged WHEN....??? And I started thinking, I don't have safety goggles, or chaps or...forget it.  I am NOT doing this.  I know, I should put on my Big Girl pants and just learn how to get it done myself.  I do that most of the time, but this will be one of those times when I call for an 'assist'.  He'll be back Sunday -- that's before the crews will be coming by to collect the mountain of branches.

Our friend Melissa emailed me a pic of the little Black & Decker cordless rechargeable chain saw she has that's pretty fantastic.  I stand in shame, with all my limbs intact and both eyes in fine working order.  I know several of my other chick friends have managed the chainsaw and more -- I am going to just skip this one.

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