Here’s a place to visit on your next roadtrip: the Historic District of the town of Hart in Oceana County.

Some great old buildings have been preserved, collected, and put on display from Hart’s past. Hart was founded in 1856 by Nelson Grove and other settlers. They named the township after Wellington Hart, but the town is said to have named itself “Hart” because it’s located in the “heart” of Oceana County.

1862: A grist mill and sawmill began operations and the town began to grow.
1865: Hart became the county seat.
1885: Hart established as a village.
1946: Incorporated as a city.

It had a post office and train depot along a branch of the Pere Marquette Railroad.
Designated as an historical site in 1984, the district is located near the corner of Lincoln & Union Streets near Chippewa Creek in the town’s original business section.

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