After the decision by Ingham County Prosecutor Carol Simeon to pursue charges against three Michigan State football players for sexual assault, the proceeding warrant hearing has made the players names public.

Donnie Corley, Josh King and Demetric Vance have been charged with criminal sexual assault by the 54-B district court in East Lansing.

Judge Richard Ball authorized the charges against all three players.

King was charged with first degree Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) and a third degree charge as well as one count of capturing/distributing images of an unclothed person. Corley and Vance were charged only with third degree CSC

Media members in the courtroom are documenting the hearing as it's happening with details coming to light about the sexual assault accusation.

Prosecutors have declined to press criminal charges against Curtis Blackwell who was the staffer connected to the three previously unnamed players when the suspensions were announced in February.

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