I know I have gone on about this before, but I love old stuff. Almost every weekend you can find my wife Sara Marie and me, scouring the state for garage sales and flea markets in search of cool items from years gone by.

This weekend proved to be an excellent example of why I love it so much. With every item, comes research. And with research comes an education of the item's history, Where it came from, what it was used for. The history of it's origin from concept to the day we purchased it. Much like the American Pickers but on a very small scale.

Down the street from my home was a sale where I purchased two yearbooks from Fowlerville High School and the years 1909 and 1915 respectively. To see the people of that time, their names and how the school looked was fascinating! Knowing that there are some families that have no idea what their ancestors look like is a reason that I am sharing this photo from the 1909 boys "Base Ball" team. Cotton or wool uniforms, all buttoned up. Thick leather gloves hanging from a belt loop and a look of determination. All of which were either sons of farmers of local business owners, none being with us today. But because of a lucky find, their image and memory comes alive to all who care to look at it from the convenience of a desk monitor or phone. A way that none of them could have ever imagined.

All this week, I will bring images of some of the cool things that I have found over the years and maybe you can share a story with me so I can learn even more!


- Duran

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