Mrs. Pants and I were in Clare last week. We decided to take a drive around some of the roads and see what we found.

We say a sign for the historic Dover school and headed that way. It was getting close to dark so, they were all locked up but we stopped to snap some pictures.


Dover School Clare

The sign said school district #1 built back in 1876. I wanted to get closer but there was a gate and I will not trespass on historic grounds.

Also, we were there on a Sunday at dusk. I am not kidding, about 50 Amish horse and buggies traveled by us. I would have taken a picture but I felt like I was the victim in an Amish horror film. They were everywhere. So, I decided not to snap a pic. But I was surprised the horse buggies had lights. Brake lights.

It's a cool Michigan stop not too far from here. Click here for info.

Just watch out for the Amish.

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