In case you're not sure what a "tic in the box" is, don't worry, neither did I. We call it "checking one off of the bucket list." Just one of the many Irish expressions I learned from my good friend Eoin O'Hagan. He and his lovely wife Ruth, adoring daughter Grace and Oreo the rabbit, were our sponsor family for what was the most amazing trip I have ever been a part of.

A trip that has been in the works for three years finally came to fruition last week. A whirlwind tour of County Clare that would be the any of any rock stars tour book. Complete with newspaper articles and radio interviews for the arrival of my other show, "Wild Michigan."

The breathtaking view of Castlebawn while we fished on the fly for pike with Nicola Rota Nodari from Black Bay Lodge and European Pike Fly Fishing Champion Richard McDermott.

A pint at Jakko's!

And what trip to Ireland would not be complete with a stop at Jakko's for pint after a hard day of touring and fishing. You can also see it here:

Getting interviewed on Clare FM while on our trip.

All in all, this was by far the most amazing trip ever! Sara Marie and I were treated like long lost friends at every turn. So many thing seen and done. All to be shared in due time. For a complete photo gallery and story, visit my website at

One of four newspaper articles that featured our arrival and subsequent adventures, Seriously? I still cannot believe this all happened.

A news article that features our trip. Richard McDermott (L) is a former European Champion Fly/Pike Angler. Nicola (R) is our guide and hails from Italy. Me (Duran, Center) casting a huge bait for pike on Lough Derg.

A look at the amazing time and beauty while fishing with two world class anglers