A few weeks ago, I went to a charity event my friend was putting on for the Ronald McDonald House at the Loft. The first band we saw was  "The Accident" from St. Clair Shores. They were very good. Pretty much everyone in the band sang and the group had a great harmony. Young kids I expect big things from. I told them after the show, they had a lot of potential. Very nice kids.

We were getting ready to leave and I decided I wanted to see a few songs from the next band, Building Birds. From the first note of their song "Elizabeth," I was hooked. We stayed for 4 songs and had to leave. The next day I woke up singing "Elizabeth" after only hearing it once. I immediately went to Facebook to find these guys. I was amazed to find their full album available for free download. Mrs. Pants downloaded it that morning and I have been listening to it ever since. They sound like U2 and Coldplay. I heard a lot of Maroon 5 and Neil Diamond. The band was amazing live. The solo's were note for note and I honestly thought, this was one of the best Michigan bands I have EVER seen.

This dude hits notes I wouldn't even try. Mrs. Pants favorite is "I Will Rob You Blind."

"The Dream" is my second favorite. It reminds me of "Born to Run."

Check out the Building Birds page here. You can download and listen to their entire "Swirling Among the Stars" album.

Find Building Birds on Facebook here.

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