Given the fact that we experienced the warmest February on record for Mid-Michigan this year, spring fever may have hit you sooner than normal. For those of you through with Old Man Winter, reported some great news for you today. meteorologist Mark Torregrossa gave a favorable forecast for April, May and June, after the National Weather Service released its expected temperature forecast for the remainder of spring. NWS predicts warmer than normal temperatures for the Central U.S., including Michigan. Specifically, the Southeast corner of the mitten, including Lansing is in an area that has a greater than 50 percent chance of above normal temperatures. The rest of the Lower Peninsula including Grand Rapids, Traverse City, and Mackinaw City are in the fifty-fifty category, according to NWS.

Torregrossa seems fairly confident that we are through the woods in terms of a major snow event in a video posted inside this particular post. Check it out for yourself here. 

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