According to a resolution passed by the county's Board of Commissioners, money will not be allocated to enforcing new executive orders in terms of a return to "normal."

This does not mean the new guidelines will be up for debate to businesses allowed to re-open like retailers and restaurants.

It simply means, according to MLive, "the county will not bar access to businesses that fail to follow guidelines designed to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus."

To unpack that statement a little, it means they are not going to use county-funded resources to enforce the new order by shutting down businesses that don't comply, handing out fines, etc...

“We still have to respond to calls and investigate these issues if people complain,” Undersheriff Chris Kuhl said. “As we said before, in the few instances we have been called to look at EO violations we have been able to speak to those involved and inform them without any kind of enforcement action.”

As reported by MLive, county officials feel the resolution sends a message that we should be free to return to normal and that the entire state should be re-opened and things should be up and running. An idea confirmed in a statement by board chairman James “Steve” Shotwell Jr.

“We don’t need somebody telling us what to do," said Shotwell. "You know what you’re supposed to do … the three things as a good citizen you do … wash your hands, social distancing and wear a mask.”

Mlive points out this is not the first time Jackson county has "blasted Whitmer's executive orders" as back in April landscaping, excavation and boating service businesses were allowed to operate in the county despite being closed under the governor's executive order.

This is not to say things in Jackson County will be a "free for all" and we can just run wild, it just means enforcement agencies funded by the county will not be on the "prowl" for businesses not adhering to guidelines.

The resolution, MLive said, has had copies of it sent to Governor Whitmer herself as well as state rep.'s like Julie Alexander (R-Hanover) and Sarah Lightner (R-Springport) as well as Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R-Clark Lake).

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