Everyone is into the podcast now. They are becoming a thing again for some reason. I don't like to hear random thought streams but that is just me. So, in an effort to please the members of my audience who want them, I will begin a weekly podcast with my daughter. Her name is "Nugget Pants." She is 2 and has better music taste than most.

This week Greta Van Fleet won a Grammy for the Best New Album. Click here to see that. Now, a lot of Classic Rock snobs really hate them. But it is a FACT, Greta Van Fleet has made more music than ANY of those critics... Let alone, had more success in the music industry. They DON'T need you to like them. Plus, they are NOT a one hit wonder with 2 #1 hits and a grammy for Best New Album.

My daughter and I were discussing the opinion of the critics and how their opinion matters. Welcome inside our home.

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