An update to a story that broke for some reason Wednesday: reports that a Shiwassee County judge, assigned to the divorce proceedings of Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich and his wife, has denied the Personal Protection Order petition filed by Brenda Cleeves-Reich.

More details that were reported by LSJ today include Sheriff Reich's displeasure with the paper skewering his name without having all of the facts. (For the record, I relayed the information reported, too. But, being a supporter of law enforcement, I asked Facebook gerbils and trolls to read the details before posting opinions.) Reich's attorney also explained that the reference to guns included in the petition was Sheriff Reich asking his wife for the keys to a gun safe to ensure that all weapons were accounted for. (A smart thing for a law enforcement leader to do while going through a personal struggle such as divorce.) His attorney also said the reference to Reich packing Cleeves-Reich's belongings were overblown...the sheriff was packing her belongings because he is keeping the house.

So, here's Nick's moral of the story. Men elected to office: think twice before divorcing a vindictive woman during a reelection year.