Jason Strotheide wanted to get a lunch truck into Charlotte but the town doesn't allow them? They should because lunch trucks are all the rage these days. Jason is an Executive Chef at MSU. When he was younger he called and asked Deb an inappropriate question... Deb never forgot.

The Whistlepig opened up last week and Jason called us up to give us the gist. It will be a limited menu. He will make X amount of food and once that food is gone, so is he. I was amazed his Facebook page already had 19 reviews, 16 were 5 star. Click here to see the Facebook page.

Here is one 4 Star Comment:

"Luved the pulled pork sandwich and coleslaw � Should add another piece of brown sugar chicken to the 2 piece meal. Not much meat on those pieces. Kinda like eating a wing � But everything WAS delishious ��"

Here is a 5 Star Comment:

"Absolutely delicious! The train even came by so we got the full experience at The Whistlepig. We enjoyed the BBQ sandwich and coleslaw. Very friendly, fast service. Will definitely be back!"

You can get your next taste of the pig Friday starting at 11am until the food is gone.        501 N. Cochran Charlotte, MI 48813

Read more about the Whistlepig from the Des Moines Register... Yes, Des Moines by clicking here.

Courtesy of the Whistlepig Facebook page