A longtime listener "Toolman" shared this on his Facebook page today and Deb and I were laughing our asses off at the post. He said: "Not a good way to start your day. Just proves u don't have to be smart to go to college. Freakin' students."

Photo courtesy of the Tool Man

I have seen some pretty bad student driving around MSU too. But before I sharpen my claws for a Nancy Grace soapbox lecture, I remember what I used to drive like when I was that young. I also may have jumped a curb or 2 in Webberville shortly after getting my license.

Deb said "I can see myself doing that at that age." Me too. Plus, it's just job security for the Toolman. Also, can you imagine looking the tow truck driver in the face when he pulls up. What would you say?

I would say, "I was checking out a chick and got distracted." Texting? Drinking? Pokemon Go? Or just a momentary lapse in judgement? We may never know the truth behind this jackassery.