These days, it seems like Lansing is losing the flavor of old fashioned hand-dipped ice cream spots. Long gone are the days of Country Parlor, Miller's and even Melting Moments. Heck, even Baskin Robbins pulled out of town, and all three of the replacement shops have since closed, as well. But, there is a plethora of great soft serve options around town.

I do have my favorites. Dairy Hill in Mason tops the list first and foremost, especially during Mint and Red Cinnamon flavor weeks. Dairy Queen on South Cedar continues to impress me as always. And, you can't go really go wrong with Sweet Sensations in Holt, either.

But, where can I find the goodness of a fresh waffle cone stuffed full of Superman, Peppermint, or Cookies and Cream? The easy option for most Mid-Michiganders is a stop at the local Quality Dairy. Or, if convenience and time are of no consequence to you, one can venture onto campus and visit the MSU Dairy Store during its select open hours.

There has to be some hidden gem still somewhere scooping Mooney's, Hudsonville, Stroh's or Hershey's or any other hand dipped delectable. I'd love to get some ideas for my next frozen endeavor. Feel free to share below, or e-mail me anytime!

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