Last week, Kelsie Newman of Charlotte came home to find that her beloved horses, Solo and Price, were shot to death on her family's property. The horses both died November 21st in what authorities say was an intentional act.

The Lansing State Journal reports that Michael Dyer, owner of Dyer Well Drilling & Services in Lansing, and his 12 person staff were really upset about the shooting and decided to offer a $500.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who knowingly killed the horses.

12 year old 'Prince', a Belgian draft horse, was known around the community for giving countless sleigh and carriage rides during festivals and events in the area for many years.

A third horse, 'Duke', is recovering with a gunshot wound to the shoulder.



If you want to add to the reward fund, contact Dyer Well Drilling Office Manager Theresa Iskra at 517-322-0598.

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