The Lansing Board of Water & Light is still working to recover from the cyberattack unleashed upon them early Monday morning when an employee opened up an email that was infected with malware. The cyberattack shut down the utility’s accounting system and froze email for about 250 workers. It also shut down a customer assistance line, as well as other landlines.

The BWL won’t be able to shut off power and water service for non payment until the issue is remedied, but they maintain that customer info is still protected. You can still pay your bill and hook up new service.

BWL’s GM refused to answer if the virus was ransonware, where the attackers seize up networks and demand to be paid to release control. Sounds like they believed their anti-virus protection was up to date, but apparently this bug is brand new and not all the companies specializing in anti-virus programs are able to thwart this particular virus.

The Lansing State Journal has complete details here.