Today you can find the Meridian Township Farmers' Market in the Central Park Pavilion.  Hours are 8AM to 2PM, which will be their schedule every Wednesday and Saturday through October.

Today's also the day for the Allen Street Farmers' Market, at Kalamazoo and Allen streets on Lansing's east side.  Market hours are 2:30 to 7PM.   Take a look here at some of the vendors that will be set up at Allen Street today.  I stopped by a couple weeks ago and bought two bouquets of flowers for $14 -- enough for a couple arrangements for around the house.  I also spoke for a few minutes with Linda Anderson, pictured above, about the Lansing Urban Farm Project, where for the last four years they've been working on making "fresh, affordable produce available to residents".  LUFP is at the Allen Street market on Wednesdays, as well as their own 'Urbandale Farm Stand' in the 700 block of Hayford in Lansing, at 'Urbandale Farm', every Saturday from 10AM to 2PM.

Tomorrow's the day for the 'South Lansing Farmers' Market' on W Mt. Hope Avenue, a bit west of MLK.  That market runs from 3 to 7PM. Sounds like tomorrow it's the 'Tomato Festival' there -- finally, tomatoes that taste like summer!  In addition to the flowers and veggies you'd expect to find, like most markets now, you'll also find breads, prepared hot and cold foods, hand-crafted bath and body products, honey, eggs, tea blends, butter, cheese, coffee and more.

The MSU Student Organic Farm Stand is also tomorrow from 11AM-5PM on Farm Lane on campus.  That's where they bring the harvest from the Student Organic Farm at College and Jolly roads in south Lansing. If you've ever wondered about all those structures you can see from I-96 as you're heading north on US-127, they're 'hoop houses' where the students grow veggies, fruit and herbs year-round.

Most of the markets are also bringing in local musicians to perform at the market.   If you haven't been in a long time (or never), I'd love to have you go check it out and let me know what you think.

Also, let me know about your favorite markets and when/where to find them.  Mason, Holt, St. Johns?