My friend Carmen, who says, "I'm a 13 year old boy trapped in a 46 year old woman's body," left her handiwork behind at the Frandor Michael's yesterday. Not the first time she's allowed the compulsion to overtake her when faced with letters awaiting meaning.

To her credit, she did tell the Manager before she left the store that she had 'helped'. He laughed and said that she had just made his day. I mean, if Corporate Michael's is reading this, he quickly undid her work of art and banned her from the store forever.

When Carmen posted her photo on Facebook, a friend of hers noted that she failed to fix the rows below.

You'll note the Target attack in earlier this years

Carmen Hall Courtesy Photo


And my friend Bil was thoughtful enough to fix the t-shirt display at a Lansing store, which is incumbent upon all of us to do when we encounter the improper order of things.

Courtesy Bil Tsaparas