Last I knew, the intersection with the most reported auto crashes in Ingham County was Grand River and Hagadorn in East Lansing, near the campus of Michigan State University, but that hot-spot has dropped to #2 on the list.

The Michigan Auto Law Auto Accident Attorneys say that, based on Michigan State Police statistics, the Ingham County intersection with the most crashes is at Saginaw Highway and Homer Avenue in Lansing Township; likely it has something to do with vehicles exiting US 127 and merging with northbound traffic while everyone tries to jockey for the lane of their choice to either get to Saginaw Highway or Oakland Avenue.

The determination of this being the most dangerous meeting of streets in the County was based on 69 reported crashes in 2017, while Hagadorn and Grand River in East Lansing had 62 wrecks last year.

You'll notice on the list here of most dangerous Ingham County intersections that the area around the Frandor shoping center holds several spots.

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Courtesy Google Maps
Courtesy Google Maps



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