As a Jackson native, I will have to say this story did not necessarily surprise me when I saw MLive reported on it, but just made me really miss spending more time in my home town.

There are many whacky things to see in Jackson, but this one is wild...or should we say Wiley?

A coyote was spotted roaming the Jackson Walmart parking lot on Sunday, December 8th by Hanover-Horton residents Nikki Fisher and her fiance, so, naturally, they shared the strange sight with the rest of the world!

More shoppers noticed, shared to various Jackson-area Facebook pages and eventually the DNR showed up to confirm it was, in fact, a coyote.

While it is hilarious and something that may make you say, "Oh the things you see in Jackson," Holly Vaughn, MDNR public outreach and engagement manager, said coyotes are actually not uncommon in suburban areas.

Of course, it is still a wild animal, so don't push your luck. But if you are ever at the Jackson Walmart and see our new coyote friend, make sure to say hello and maybe pick him (or her) up some jerky!

Now if we could just give this friendly coyote a name! Might we suggest the ever-popular "Coyote McCoyoteface"? We are definitely open to suggestions, let us know yours!

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