This is the hardest I ever laughed at Deb Hart. She recently left to start a new career as a yoga instructor. If you miss Deb like I do, you can find her on Facebook or click to set up a time to check out one of her classes.

I miss working with my friend but am very happy for her new adventure and I admire her courage in walking away from your comfort zone. It takes balls. More balls than I currently possess.

Deb and I had some great moments I can't let go. Like this little moment from 2018. I am pleased the moment wasn't lost forever. So, here it is.

Here is the link to the actual poll we were discussing. Who is the greatest Michigan rocker??? Well, it's Bob Seger. Duh.

Want to see a pair of Pants turn into a pole?

And the Pants sticks the landing!!!


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