As my boyfriend, Jordan, and I prepare to move in together, Facebook Marketplace has become one of our best friends for all the various furniture and decorative items we need but our latest find is probably my most favorite.

Being a classic rock radio person, it's only natural I can appreciate the value of vinyl and a good record player which is why Jordan and I knew we had to have one in our new home.

Originally, he got us a tabletop one as part of my Christmas this past year but when it showed up broken thanks to the crappy packing job whoever sold it did to ship it, we were back to square one.

While we searched for a new record player, we also wanted some sort of shelving or a table to make this sort of a "centerpiece" to our house and by scouring Amazon and Target's websites we thought we had come up with a plan.

That "plan" though was thrown out the window the second we saw this beauty available on Facebook!

Just before loading our new treasure into the car!
Just before loading our new treasure into the car!

Jordan and I drove an hour to Coldwater, Michigan praying the whole way there it was not a scam or a murderous plot and luckily, it was just a beautiful, functioning Victrola record cabinet!


We could not wait to get it home and test it out for ourselves and once we realized it worked and could do some research, we found out it was from 1967 and still works just as good as it did then!

We still plan to re-finish it due to some dings that were just inevitable over time but our so excited to expand our vinyl collection and use this bad boy.

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