The Ingham County Fair begins today! Click here for all the daily activities.

Man, I LOVE THE FAIR! The food is easily my favorite part outside of people watching. The Fiske fries have always been a favorite of mine but recently I discovered how much better they are with vinegar. I always used to be a fan of elephant ears until Mrs. Pants got me hooked on funnel cakes. There is no going back now. I also love the fair corn dogs. You can't a better corn dog in the world than at the fair.

If you go to the Ingham County Fair, the 4-H booth is my favorite place to eat. The shakes and pulled pork sandwiches are affordable and delicious, A lot of the older crowd can be found in the Farm Bureau building.

I think the biggest scam at the fair is the lemonade. It HAS to have one of the largest profit margins at the fair. Fresh squeezed lemonade for 5 bucks! SCAM! I know it costs a lot of money to have the trucks out there but come on. The Iced Tea is also a joke. $7.50 for a glass. Dollar refills for life! Or until you lose your glass.

Cotton Candy has to be the second biggest scam. It's just sugar but at every fair, we have to come home with at least a small bag.

Mrs. Pants loves the sausage! I didn't marry her because she could cook! She also likes brats and Boots has her favorite.

We really make plans to go to the fair just to eat. The Fowlerville Fair and The Ingham County Fair are our favorites.

Where is your favorite fair or carnival? What is your favorite fair food?

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