There is someone out there who proudly served our country for 10 years in the United States Navy and Ian Engweiler wants to find them.

Engweiler is searching for the owner of a lost military ring he found in a parking lot in Grand Rapids. Engweiler recently pulled into the parking lot of the Basilica of Saint Adalbert on Grand Rapids’ West Side when he noticed the Navy ring lying on the ground and knew immediately he needed to find the hero owner.

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Engweiler told a Grand Rapids television station he knew he needed to find the owner because the owner "definitely deserved that recognition as a veteran."  He was attending a confirmation service for a family member and held the ring close throughout the entire mass. Engweiler told WOOD.TV, “Sitting here, thinking about it, I probably didn’t pay much attention to his actual confirmation. I was really worried about it,” Engweiler said. “I definitely want to bring some positivity back… especially with all the stuff that’s going on, all the COVID. I definitely want to be able to make somebody smile.”

Photo: Amanda Engweiler
Photo: Amanda Engweiler

The ring has “U.S. Navy” emblazoned across it  and the service date is from 1953 to 1963. It has a large blue stone in the middle surrounded by smaller stones. There are a set of initials on the inside of the band, but they are keeping that quiet as a way to identify the real owner.

Engweiler has left the very special piece with the church for safe keeping until the rightful owner can be found. He is hoping, with the help of social media, to get the ring back to it's owner....a true hero to our country

If you have any information about the owner please contact St. Adalbert’s at 616.458.3065.

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