I was honored to get to chat with Mark Farner this morning. I was even more honored his buddy and WMMQ personality Duran Martinez came in to add some perspective.

Mark is playing live on Saturday August 17th in Durand for the Veterans of Rock and Roll Concert. Click here for all the details,

It doesn't say it on the poster, but Mark is donating his merch sales as well. He says so below in our chat.

Whenever I think of Mark... The narrator in my head has the voice of Homer Simpson.

Duran and Mark are REALLY friends. One time, at a Farner gig, Duran walked into the show and Farner spotted him. They have a soulmate-like connection, and it's been amazing to see it evolve. Duran is friends with a Classic Rock Legend... For REAL!


Our friend Jay J wanted to know about Grand Funk Railroad and God bless Mark for answering honestly.

I never heard this before, but I love the line "hotter than the sheriff's pistol."

Mark has a new DVD coming out in October as well.

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