Alright, alright, alright. It was only a matter of time before recreational marijuana sales surpassed the sales of Medical Marijuana. Now that there are enough places to legally obtain it, recreational marijuana sales continue to get higher. It wasn't by much but recreational beat medical 10.2 million to 9.97 million last week. Weed sales in Michigan have doubled since December in both areas. Click here to see the full story from Mlive.

When I thought pot being legal when I was younger, I never imagined we would see the products we now see. I thought, it would be like a instead of buying a pack of Marlboro's you buy a pack of joints. While you can still purchase a pre-rolled joint, you can also get edibles, vape products, cannabis body butter, candy, gummies, all kinds of concentrates, sauces and terpenes.

Since pot has become legal, I have legally purchased products for people who said they would NEVER try such things. I won't name names but a few people who struggle with constant pain have found relief from the body butter. You may not be able to pass a drug test but you won't be stoned to the bone either. While it's not for everyone, there are many different options available. Some people have lost their dependence on pain killers.

While pot may cloud the motivation for some, it also has given new life to those who depended on much more destructive drugs to feel relief. That is why it is currently a 10 million dollar a week industry about to get higher.

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