This family in New Hudson, MI originally made picnic tables for squirrels as a joke but once it took off, it REALLY took off!

According to MLive, Danny and Laurie Kort started to make the squirrel picnic tables back in April, simply because Laurie likes to feed the squirrels.

Showing the power of social media, the tiny tables blew up online after the Korts' daughter put a picture on Facebook as a joke and that's when Laurie said "The Squirrel Projects was born."

The Korts broke down their production to MLive, saying they can make up to 150 of the tables per day with sales averaging about 50-75 a day.

As far as what's included in the $32-$37 you would spend on one of these mini picnic tables, you can choose what finish you would like and what color bowl you would like attached to the table for your complimentary "squirrel feed starter pack."

Before they were squirrel table crafters, the Korts ran their family catering business for almost 30 years but because of COVID-19 and no events to cater, the squirrel business was a welcomed adventure.

Along with a table for some furry friends to sit down and enjoy a meal, the family also uses a portion of profits to put their catering skills to work and deliver meals to essential workers and have delivered about 2,000 meals so far.

Not only are they doing something cute and kind for animals, they are also doing something kind for fellow humans and that's definitely something positive to acknowledge!

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