My daughter will be turning 4 soon. I have written a lot about her. Her is how it all started. 

Getting to be a dad after BELIEVING it wasn't going to happen is the greatest gift I have ever received. I have tried to share my gift with all who appreciate her.

So many have given her gifts and support. To see your child positively impact the world is all any parent wants.

Nugget gets gifts from a few WMMQ listeners, the last one she got was from our friend Marisol about 2 months ago. Her daughter had the same shirt so I commented and not long after this AC/DC shirt showed up at the station. The kid doesn't sit still and gets her shirt messy quick so, it took us a while to get a clean photo shoot. Yes, some pictures are a little blurry.

The Halloween pictures really didn't turn out but the AC/DC shirt pictures turned out better. Sorry it took so long but thanks Marisol and AVA!

Gratuitous Nugget Pics

She is the main reason I am still working from home. Our Nugget has Down Syndrome and people with Down Syndrome are 5 times more likely to be hospitalized from COVID. THEY ARE 10 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO DIE FROM IT. Click here to see the fact that keeps me up at night. 

So, I don't go out much to protect her. I have never been so scared to lose anything in my life because I never really had anything to lose.

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