Just remember pyromaniacs, you can't just blow up what you want, where you want, or when you want in Michigan. Here's a quick checklist:

Consumer grade fireworks can only be purchased and used by adults 18 or older.

WLNS.com shares with us something I did not know. Consumer grade fireworks cannot be lit on public property. This includes parks, school lots, churches, even streets and sidewalks are off limits.

Fireworks can only be lit on private property. If you do not own the property you're at, you will need full permission from the property owner.

The most ignored law is that that sets dates for legally igniting the boom. You should always check with local ordinances. Fireworks in most places are legal to light the day before a holiday, the actual holiday, and the say after the holiday. In other words, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week are a go for a show in Lansing.

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